Saturday, October 4, 2008

Message from our Fans!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise for the Singing of the National Anthem.

That is the best way to start an evening - though this evening started
3 days before the game actually started. This past year, it was my
pleasure to attend yet another Smoke City Betties fundraiser at Hurricanes Roadhouse. Now as many of you might already know, these
evenings tend to start early, and go late with a whole evening of
Party time in between. And since I now have a "grown UP" job I am not
much of a partier anymore. Though every time these nights happen be it a Thursday, Tuesday or Saturday, I am there is full force singing my brains out and steadily becoming more off key as the night goes on - as most people who have seen me - well, they know.

That fateful evening there began an auction raising money for our
beloved Betties, and I wanted the grand prize, and so did my brother,
and so did some guy... while the bids grew higher and the bar grew
louder. I started putting in phone bids for my brother in Fergus who
is a huge rocks fan! Did I say huge? Yeah, there was a time when my
brother wanted to go pro and play for the rocks.... though as you can
see by the photos, not the toughest looking guy.

Anyhow, while bidding my brother got more and more excited about sitting with me - and screaming and drinking beer. Which is what a couple of townies - such as we - often do. Finally after yelling out my final bid,the bar went silent, understanding that this Victory was by far the greatest of the evening. We had won, he was excited, I was excited, we were yelling and drinking beer already. What a great family bonding experience.

As I went to claim my prize it was clear that we had chosen a night that would live on in infamy forever. I bought a hat, 2 shirts (one for me, one for my brother) and we were going to promote the Betties. You can see by the photos that we were decked to the nines in SCB colours, and we yelled loud and drank beer!

What a great night, thanks Betties, we'll see you at the next fundraiser.

Melissa (& her screaming brother)

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