Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rats! Narrowly defeated

Last Saturday was our first bout of 2012 against the Death Track Dolls, and GEEZ was it a close one! The Dolls won 115 - 100, but we sure made them work hard for each and every point they got. The lead was traded back and forth so often that it was anyone's guess who would win.

This year is a turning point for us. After two years of rebuilding since the team almost dissolved in 2009, our skillset has evolved into a force not to be taken lightly, as the Dolls learned last Saturday. At the end of the first half, we were ahead 56 - 52, the first time we've had a halftime lead since 2009. So exciting! Our packs are tighter, our jammers agile, and its like the pivots have eyes in the back of their heads.

Our next competitive track time is at the end of April at Beast of the East in Montreal, and we have high hopes and expectations for how we will do this year. If you want to check us out a little closer to home, on May 12th we skate against the 2011 champions, the Chicks Ahoy. Tickets for that bout are on sale now through Toronto Roller Derby.

We are really really appreciative of all our fans who have stuck with us through the hard times - we'll be back on top, just you wait! Our roster has gone through quite an overhaul since 2009, so we'd like if it you would join us Friday March 16th at the Flying Beaver Pubaret for some beer(s), hearty Karaoke, and to meet & greet with all of us so we can thank you in person. There will also be a great assortment of raffle prizes from some of our favorite places & things.

Big thanks to Quickdraw for the amazing poster! Can you identify the 8 Betties in it?

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