Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Betties!

Hello all you smoking hot SCB fans!

I am pleased to announce that the Betties are back in gear and ready to burn up the track. We are banking for that boot this year and to help us get to the Championship, we've added some hot new talent to our roster.

Poison Thorn is a hot little firecracker who is ready to smoke the opponent with her super-human speed and show-stopping good looks. Watch out for her this year as she jams her way into your hearts!

Janice the Menace is sure to cause some chaos on the track, and she'll break your heart just as easily as she breaks bodies. Check her out this year, she'll be the one in black and Betty blue, hitting down the opposing jammer and speeding through the pack.

Kerry (who's derby alias is not being revealed at this time due to Smoke City Betty security risks) is one of the best skaters that the Big Smoke has seen in this century. You wont need to know her derby name as you'll know it's her jamming when the other team is crying. She's a smoking hot red headed amazon who has the other teams shaking in their skate boots.....

WARNING to opposing teams: We're not the same Betties that you once knew. We've been in severe training mode and we're going to knock you out of the competition.... we may look cute in our uniforms, but you'll be wearing our colours too once we're finished with you; black and blue...

2009 is the year of the Betties... we hope to see you in the stands. Stay tuned for our schedule and location.

Until next time... SMOKE THAT!


Miss. Behaviour #58

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