Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Smoke This Info!

Hello all you hot SCB lovers!

So much has happened to the Betties in the last few months, I hardly know where to begin...

The Betties ran into a bout of bad luck while preparing to take on the Beast of The East. Our training started with a bang when Poison Thorn; one of our newest and most talented skaters, broke her leg. The break may have taken her off the track, but it hasn't broken her spirits as she continues to heal and her bones become stronger than ever before. Look out for her later this season as she will surely return to the track with a vengeance and a thirst for victory. Until then, check out this hottie sitting bench side, cheering on her Betties and giving the glare of death to our opponents.

After a couple more bumps in the road, we headed to the Beast of the East with our shiny blue shorts and prepared to meet the meanest teams of Montreal. We played the best of the best and took on the Slaughter Daughters (our very own Slaughter Lauder scored a grand slam during this match screaming "Mama's Home!"), The Death Row Dames and Les Contribanditas....twice! After two days of blood, bruises and hard hits, the Betties took home third place. Smoke That!

Now that we're back in the big smoke, things are still on fire! Dickless Tracy and Lady Frost decided that their derby days weren't done and re-joined our pack after seeing our hunger for victory in Montreal. We also managed to snag the hot and dangerous Pretty Peeved, formerly of the Bay Street Bruisers, and Crimson Shivers from Calgary. Now we have ginger power times three (Crimson, Marvel S Maven, and Slaughter are all smoking hot red heads)!

As if we didn't already hit the jackpot with our new skaters, we manged to pick up three new additions that will surely join us in our quest of kicking ass! We're not going to reveal their identities at this time for fear that the other teams might drop out of the competition once they realize that they're gonna get smoked!!

Stay tuned for our game schedule which will be made public in a few days...

We'll see you in the stands... until then.... SMOKE THAT!



"Blow it out Your Ass" trophy made by Tommy Toxic

"Blow it out Your Ass" trophy photo taken by Susan Moss.

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Geek Goddess said...

Hey miss b.,

Thanks for the shout out! Editors note though...I'm from Calgary Roller Derby not Oil City :). Those Edmonton girls are our rivals!

Crimson Shivers