Thursday, July 23, 2009

Betties WIN!!!

Betties take on the Chicks Ahoy and win!

The Smoke City Betties took home another win on Sunday against last years Champions; The Chicks Ahoy!
It was a close game and those Chicks were hitting hard, but they were the ones hurting at the end of it all when they had to eat the defeat.
The Chicks will be green with envy when we take that boot from them at the end of this season...
Until then, check out more Toronto Roller Derby at our new home in Downsview Park. For more information go to

And incase you missed the game, check out all the wicked footage at
Smoke That!!

Miss. Behaviour

The rad photos above were taken by Art Czyzyk!

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Jack said...

Nice job, Betties. And those photos are awesome. For a little more inspiration, I invite you to check out this short video -- -- it's one young woman's "aha moment" when she found her true passion in roller derby. I hope you like it and hope you'll also check out the rest of the site, which was created by Mutual of Omaha to highlight inspirational stories and "aha moments" of all kinds.

Best of luck,