Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hey SCB lovers,
Long time, no talk!

Since we spoke last, we beat the Chicks Ahoy! and took on the Gore Gore Rollergirls...

It was a tough game and was running close but the Betties ran into some bloody trouble and had to accept an upsetting defeat.
Hot Roller got slammed in the first period and had to leave the track on a stretcher, leaving the bench rattled and down a main pivot. Then, in the second period, Dyna Hurtcha got kicked out while she was wearing the star for brawling on the track with Mia Culprit. In the end, I am happy to report that Hot Roller is ok (she just had extreme whiplash) and will be returning to the track for the championship. As for Dyna, it turns out that she wasn't really physically attacking Mia Culprit and the expulsion call was a misunderstanding... rather she was trying to get herself untangled from Mia's legs and skates.

Anyway... WE ARE IN THE CHAMIONSHIPS and we are going to KICK your ass if you don't come! We are taking that boot and there is no way to stop us...

We had the Thames Fatales (FCRG) out to practice with us yesterday and we learned some awesome tricks that will most certainly piss off some Gories. Thames play in Kitchener on November 7th... so check 'em out!

Then... come see us kick some Gore-Gore ass!

Miss. Behaviour

P.S. At the top of this post is the wicked poster Adam Swinbourne made us for the last game... and stay tuned for a new Swinbourne poster for the championships. Hmm.... I wonder which rollergirls will be on that poster?

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